Troop 1083 Summer Camp


Rodney Scout Reservation


July 23 to July 29, 2017

(Sunday to Saturday)




Medical Requirements


Forms due to Scoutmaster by June 1, 2017


All Scouts and leaders:

     New BSA Form 680-001 (included in packet and available online)

Requires a physical examination every 12 months.




Medications must be sent to camp in their original bottle and properly labeled with scouts name and dosage.  Please include only the amount of medication necessary for the week plus 1 dose.



Some thoughtful parents we know have made a practice of sending advance post cards to their children at camp so there will be a personalized “touch of home” when they arrive. Many directors urge parents not to mention in their letters how much they miss their children, or “that the dog and cat miss them.” Instead, they say, parents should assure them that they know they’re having a good time, and express enthusiasm for the camp’s activities. As an experienced camp director noted, “We don’t have any homesick kids, but we have homesick parents by the dozens....


Mail should be addressed as shown below.


(Scout’s Name), Troop 1083

Campsite: Beachcomber

Rodney Scout Reservation

400 Rodney Scout Road

North East, MD 21901


Camp Phones

In case of emergency, parents should call the main office at Camp Headquarters

The telephone number is (410) 287-5888

Parents should be advised that it may take an hour or more to return phone calls. Scouts will be allowed to call home ONLY in case of emergency.




Troop 1083 will meeting at VMES at 10:15 AM and depart by 10:30 AM and carpooling to Rodney.  Check-in time at Rodney is 1:00 PM


Reminders: Wear your scout uniform and bring a bag lunch. 

Keep your lunch available to eat in the car.




Directions to Rodney Scout Reservation

1.    From Baltimore take 95 north to Exit 100 to merge onto MD 272 towards North East, MD (2 miles)

2.    Slight left to stay on N E Rd/MD-272 Continue to follow MD-272 through the town of North EAST (5.7 miles)

3.    Turn right at Red Point Rd (108 feet)

4.    Turn left at Arrants Rd (0.1 mile)

5.    Turn right at Rodney Scout Rd (1.6 miles)

6.    Destination will be on the right


400 Rodney Scout Rd

North East, MD 21901



Coming Home on Saturday

Scouts returning from Rodney will arrive at Welcome Home Picnic at Noon.




Camp Program

First Year Camper Program

Rodney provides a special program for first year campers to work on basic scout skills required to advance through First Class. 


This program is aimed at the 11-year old Scout or newly crossed over Webelos Scout. It is designed to give the new Scout a basic education in camping skills and will include many requirements for rank advancement for Tenderfoot, 2nd Class and 1st Class. In addition, the first year camper will visit and participate in most program areas in camp. There are merit badge opportunities available in swimming, nature, and handicrafts, as well as Tot n’ Chip, Firem’n Chit and other evening programs. Scouts will also visit the archery and rifle ranges, and try out canoeing, kayaking and rowing.


Boat shoes will be needed - no aqua socks.

See information regarding

Nature MB, and Swimming MB.


All first year scouts should attend the Brownsea First Year Camper program.



Merit Badges


The merit badge program operates in two ways. Some badges are scheduled, while others may be offered either by appointment or on a “walk-in” basis.


Your folder provides information on merit badges offered at Rodney scout camp. 


Your summer camp merit badge schedule needs to be completed and approved by your advancement counselor and Scoutmaster April 20, 2017.   


The Advanced Camper Experience

As the name implies, it truly is an Advanced Camper Experience.  I like to describe the program as a mesh of advanced wilderness survival and the 'best parts' of other program areas.  Some activities from last summer's program include:  building snares, baking potatoes in clay from the bay, edible plants of Rodney tour, building and learning the importance of mound fires, making tea from scratch in the woods, hiking in Elk Neck state park, a Day trip to Guppy Gulch, and overnight survival on Bull Mountain, making hammocks, slack lining, and the list goes on.




Questions? Contact Duane Boniface at (301) 775-9178 or




Scout Equipment

In addition to the required Medical Form signed by a parent/guardian, each Scout should bring the following minimum equipment for his personal use at camp:


Clothing and Bedding

Complete uniform

Sturdy hiking shoes

Water activity shoes

Extra underwear and socks


Shorts/blue jeans

Scout T-shirt(s)





Sleeping bag/three blankets

Pillow (if desired)

Long sleeve shirt with buttons, long pants, and belt for Swimming and Lifesaving merit badges (if on your schedule)


Personal Gear

Plate, cup, bowl, knife, fork and spoon

Toothbrush and toothpaste

Hand towels

Bath towels


Comb, brush, metal mirror

Soap in container



Pencil, pen, pad/notebook

Spending money $20 to $30

Insect repellent (non-aerosol)

Scout Handbook

Mark everything with the Scout’s name/troop number.


Wearing of Shoes

All Scouts and leaders are required to wear shoes at all times except when involved in waterfront activities. Neither shower clogs nor sandals are acceptable for wear in camp as footwear, but may be worn while showering


Footwear & “Boat Shoes”

Appropriate footwear must be worn at all times in camp. Closed‐toed footwear must be worn at all times around camp except while swimming in the pool.   “Boat shoes” refer to the footwear required to be worn while boating or wading in the bay. These must be closed‐toed and can be old sneakers, boots, or shoes to be worn only for this purpose. Wet shoes that are worn around camp will cause blisters. Aqua socks, sandals, and open-toed shoes are not acceptable as “boat shoes” and will prevent Scouts from participating in any programs or the bay. Crocs™ that are closed‐toed and will not slip off your feet are acceptable.